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Driver at your service

Congratulations!! Now you have got a new driver. A person you can trust giving the stearing of your brand new Merc. Here is how your driver got trained.

Have a sound theoretical knowledge of driving. Thanks to all the drivers alongside whom I have travelled a lot of kms on various journeys. Knew when to change gears, when to slow down, .... Had been thinking of learning to drive from the time when I was 18 yrs old. The age, because my father was very particular abt letting me drive only when I am of the right age to get the license. So when I was 18, my dad got me a driving license. Which means license to learn driving.

Thought of joining a driving school from my B Tech 2nd year but probably now was the right time. Got the number of a driving school from one of their car-top. SATIJA Driving School 26192178. That is for somebody who wants to learn driving in Delhi. Also had Gaurav Raja to accompany me in this new venture. A secret. I never wanted to learn driving alone. I dont know why!!…

One fine morning

Today was a day that I was looking for, for the past one month. Without anybody to wake me up, and without classes at 8, morning was something that I saw before going to bed. After loads of night outs and record breaking hours of sleep, I searched for a day to put my routine in reverse gear. On a fine morning as today I couldnt resist myself getting up at 6.30, to watch the sun rise on a clear morning sky without any fog.

Let this bring a .......................... to my daily routine.
So many words can be put into the above blank. But I dont want to define it with a few...