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Happy Vishu

Wish you all (obviously, who read my blog and may be also to those who dont read bcoz they dont know the url) a Very Happy and Prosperous VISHU (Tamil New Year)

Usually (Traditionally), Vishu is celebrated in Tamil Nadu and Kerala, by waking up early in the morning (4.00 am, the time when people like me in IIT go to sleep after a nightout), walking from the bedroom to the puja room with eyes closed (i was always assisted by my mom in that), sitting in front of Vishu Kani (Now describing the Vishu Kani itself will be another blog, so i am not doing it here. In short, Vishu Kani symbolises prosperity and happiness.), seeing each and every items kept in the Kani (idol of the Lord, Kani Konna (a beautiful yellow flower), gold and silver coins, Pattu (silk cloth), mirror (seeing ur self in it), etc to name a few), praying to the Lord for a wonderful new year ahead with all the happiness and prosperity (as u see in the Vishu Kani), bursting crackers, get an oil massage, get ready and go to t…