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First Night

12th Aug 2003: Today was the day for which I had waited for long. At last I got married . As my friends left me in the bed room along with her , nervousness crept in. I had never imagined about this night. I had no plans. I didnt know what to do. I mustered up my strength for the ordeal and went near her . She was in a bright mood. Her eyes were sparkling. She had the charm of an angel. I sat down beside her . I held her hand in mine. The touch was heavenly. As I tapped on her hand with my fingers, she chuckled . We kept on looking at each other hand in hand. Time went by. Through the windows I could see a faint light of dawn. That was when I realised, I had put my FIRST NIGHT OUT. Glossary: Got Married - Got the lab keys Bedroom - VDTT Lab Her/She - Computer Her eyes - Monitor Her hand - Keyboard Chuckled - Sound of typing on the keyboard My first night out was spent in VDTT lab during the first semester of MTech. I was alone in the lab and finished 2 of my Data Structures


This is not a sequence in a word building game. It is an interplay of Cause and Effect. Many times we all have heard stories of people missing their train or bus, especially when the journey is to be done in early mornings. Sometimes people dont catch the train, and sometimes they dont get down at the right station. All this because of SLEEP. People try to wake up at the proper time by the help of alarm clocks, but still it happens. One such incident happened with one of my friends, Raja, who was supposed to go to Bangalore today from Delhi. The cause of the MISS was the same , Yet the effect was not a TRAIN, but an AERO-PLANE. Raja's flight was scheduled to depart at 6.00 am. Though not so early in the morning, but for him it proved to be a little early. He slept so deeply that he didnt hear his alarm and got up at quarter before six. Air Deccan is known to run late like the trains in India. Raja thought of that possibility and rushed to the airport. He over-paid an auto to get