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Cameron Highlands, Malaysia

The main motivation for relocation to Malaysia was to explore this part of the world. But I didnt know that our first trip would happen even before we completed our first month in this country.

Shitu, a colleague of mine, mentioned about this place "Cameron Highlands" - which I first mistook as islands. In this part of the world I expected islands as the major tourist attraction. But lo Google! and its auto correct "did you mean" feature showed me the right place whose look and feel inspired for this impromptu trip.

Well not so impromptu but within a day. We discussed about it on Thursday afternoon and started from Penang on Friday afternoon!

Recent (and first) experience with homestays booked through airbnb prompted me to to explore that option rather than normal hotels. In an alien country where vegetarian food could be a rarity, homestay with kitchen and utensils is a better bet. Shitu. (as his darling called him) also preferred a place with a kitchen. Why not!…