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Building a relationship - Chapter 1

Beginning " Where do you want our honeymoon ", asked Rishi " Manali. It has been my destination ever since I dreamt about honeymoon. ", said Sheela. " Oh ya. I should have guessed. All young South Indians wish to go to Manali and all old go to Kashi ", he said with a bit of sarcasm. She wouldn't have seen his expression as they were talking over the phone. " And you north Indians wish to see Munnar. Right? ", she gave it back. " But I have already been to Manali. Let's go somewhere else where neither of us had been to. I will take you to Manali some other time ", he said. 5 months after they got married, Rishi set out the plan to go to Manali on a "second honeymoon". Rishi and Sheela were staying in Delhi at that time. So the idea was to utilize the Easter long weekend and extend it by a day or two. They chose one of the umpteen private tours and travels that ply between Delhi and Manali. The journey st

Bidding adieu

6 years 6 months 16 days That is the time I spent on the first product of my first job. And today it is being shelved.  A sense of disappointment creeps in as the day ends and I close all the files and terminals related to it. It was a journey that saw a lot of ups and downs. And quite a lot of challenges. We worked hard to overcome those, many of which were our own manifestations, which we call bugs :P We researched quite a lot of flows, developed them into reality and executed them to be production worthy, beyond exquisite demos that impressed many at the DAC - I had been part of three of them. The product went over major overhauls and integration to make it more user friendly. It saw many customers awestruck with its potential and impressed with the results.  Yet there were details that seemed Greek and Arabic to novices. Alas! It is so difficult to unlearn the way people are used to "create" and learn a better way and spend time being "creative&qu