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Himalayas Calling III

Day 4, March 5th 2005 Getting up early in the morning had become a habit on this tour. All 4 of us got ready at 7.30, as if we were up for a 8 o'clock class of MJK. We had decided the earlier night that, we shall leave for chandigarh by the narrow gauge train in the afternoon. So we had the morning for local sight seeing. We planned to vacate the room at the dharmasala and keep the luggage at their reception. But the manager was very adamant about the rules - "Luggage cant be kept at the reception". So we decided to dump in our luggage at the cloak room of the shimla bus stand. Then we got onto a local bus to Kufri. It is a small town some 9kms from shimla. It is famous for apple orchards and very good scenery. It has become a known tourist place because it is the place where one will find snow throughout the year. As expected the sight from the hill top in the morning sun was really picturesque. But we couldnt enjoy the snow. What will a few snow here and there enthuse u

Driving Again

A promise made long back was fulfilled today. It was promise made by W, to teach me how to drive a bike, on the day I finished my car driving classes. Every time I tell him that I will ride the bike from the insti to hostel, he will say not now. We will start the classes on a weekend in the morning. Probably he cared about how he will go back to Noida, if the bike broke down. So no driving classes in the evenings. He also thought that I will take time to learn, so no driving classes when he was about to go back. At last yesterday, when I had asked him twice the driver seat, he decided to come today morning and do the Sri Ganeshaya Namah. That is the first thing that a child is made to write on the Vidyaarambham day (Vijay Dashami). After an hour long morning walk around the campus with Su and W, I was bade Best of Luck by Su and I was handed over the key. Learning how to get the bike moving on 1st gear, took me exactly 8 restarts. The problem always was Less Accelerator. Seeing W'

Himalayas Calling II

Day 2, March 3rd 2005 After an eventful day and a sound sleep at night, we were ready at 8 am for the next destination, Solang Valley. The place was closed for tourists and no taxis were allowed. Fortunately we negotiated with a driver and convinced him to come. At the check post of Nehru Kund, we made excuses to the Indian Army that we are not here for sight seeing. "We are going to meet our family friend in a village nearby". That was the excuse that worked. Reaching the village, we spotted a shop for snow dresses. We had our jeans soaked in ice the previous day. So we planned to take the full snow dress kit - boot, gloves and a fur coat. During seasons, a set will cost you around Rs 200. After a bargain, we got 5 pieces for 300 bucks. Solang was 3 kms from the village (Palchang). A walk along the road was the only option. The road was fully covered with snow and no vehicle would take us there. The view all around us was completely white. All the beauty of nature was captu