Driving Again

A promise made long back was fulfilled today. It was promise made by W, to teach me how to drive a bike, on the day I finished my car driving classes. Every time I tell him that I will ride the bike from the insti to hostel, he will say not now. We will start the classes on a weekend in the morning. Probably he cared about how he will go back to Noida, if the bike broke down. So no driving classes in the evenings. He also thought that I will take time to learn, so no driving classes when he was about to go back.

At last yesterday, when I had asked him twice the driver seat, he decided to come today morning and do the Sri Ganeshaya Namah. That is the first thing that a child is made to write on the Vidyaarambham day (Vijay Dashami). After an hour long morning walk around the campus with Su and W, I was bade Best of Luck by Su and I was handed over the key. Learning how to get the bike moving on 1st gear, took me exactly 8 restarts. The problem always was Less Accelerator. Seeing W's resistance to sit behind me on the first lesson, I got a little nervous. I was keeping the accelerator a little on the lower side so that the bike doesnt jump when I leave the clutch suddenly. I had enough experience with jumping the scooter.

Eight retakes was too much that I could tolerate and that had reduced my confidence. So I asked W to sit behind me and get the bike moving. He promptly did so. I remembered my dad teaching me how to write by holding my hand in his. Once the bike was in motion it was all easier. The clutch is not that big a problem and we reached safely at Kumaon Hostel. That boosted my courage and I took the bike again alone. This time 3 restarts but in the end I was successful in overcoming the static friction. Probably the friction was the fear in my mind. I went a ride around in the campus and to my surprise one of the students asked me for a lift. I politely refused him saying I am learning.

Then after breakfast, I again took the bike and gave W a ride from Kumaon to Insti and this time no help from the guru. Just a few tips and tricks of when to change gears and when to apply the clutch.

That was your driver driving again....


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Good blog.....continue it....

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