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Revived and rejuvinated

After a long hiatus of 11 months, I am back on blogger. Where was I? In the past 11 months I have moved into my own flat in Bangalore. Bidding farewell to Delhi was not as difficult as I thought. The joy of getting into own home was the main motivation. Somehow I share the same attitude that my father had. I dint want to let-out my flat to someone else and then crib about it being spoilt. Being closer to hometown meant more visitors and more visits to friends and relatives. This was the charm that thrilled my wife. Of course the pleasant Bangalore weather was another pulling factor. Traffic infrastructure in Bangalore is pathetic. Narrow roads, one way routes, traffic jams. This was what I dreaded and hated about Bangalore. But luckily my office is on  the widest road in Bangalore, the Outer Ring Road. In the meantime, I had dropped out of Phd. Now I am an IIT drop-out. Lets see if that makes my life big :) Just Joking. Phd had been boring and taking too long. It requires extrem