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Happy New Year 2014

Wishing all my readers a very happy and prosperous new year 2014. The year 2013 had started off with a declaration (I can call it a new year resolution too) that I would keep you all engaged with a rejuvenated blog, with many more travelogues. Alas! I managed to write down only 5 of them. But two of them were an accomplishment, if you can give credit to the fact that I wrote about my trips that had happened 7 years before. I could certainly have done better. But what is past is past. Now time again for yet another resolution that 2014 keeps the blog alive with a post at least once in a month. 2013 had been an interesting year for me. I had moved into my own (yes my own) apartment in Bangalore. And we were waiting for a new entrant in our family! Many arguments on whether it is a boy or a girl. Suggesting and discarding lot of baby names. Our bundle of joy was born on 24th June. We named her Varsha Girish. Yes, you guessed it right. Her nickname is also VG. So selfish of me!!

Jaipur 2

July 6, 2006 Khandu's marriage trip coming soon here!! That was a message posted here 5 months back. Phew!! Such a long time since I got a chance to write anything. Today being the last day of 2013, with less than couple of hours remaining, let me try to finish this blog (and another customary one for the year) quickly. Khandu, for those who dont know, was my classmate at IIT Delhi. A year after finishing our MTech, Khandu decided to take the plunge. Surprise for most of us as he was (we too) reasonably YOUNG.. This marriage trip was the second one in the series (first was of another batchmate Sonal). Attendees: Me, Anoop, Sandip Dwivedi (a junior of ours). Source: Delhi (Me and Anoop were doing our Phd and Sandip was enjoying his final days at IIT). Being a hot and humid season, the trip was planned for night travel. We headed to Jaipur House (on Pandara Road, New Delhi) to catch the volvo bus run by the Rajasthan State Transport Corporation. We hadn't booked our ti