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Marriage Now-a-Days

Continuing from the previous blog "Evolution Theory".....

As times change, societies change, lifestyles change, behaviours change, beliefs change. All these changes lead to further evolution. Somebody rightly said "Evolution is perennial". And I believe all evolution takes mankind forward. All that evolves is for the betterment of mankind. So does the policy of marriage.

When science grew and became a field of study (science was not a field of study for everybody as all couldnt understand it), more and more people started understanding Nature - as I would still call it. The word Nature is really beautiful. It describes quality of every particle in the universe. Hence science is actually a study of nature. Physics studies nature of particles and matter, Chemistry studies nature of chemicals and their reactions, Mathematics studies the nature (or behaviour) of all objects and provides a platform or representation of everything, Medicine studies the nature of human body…

Evolution Theory

How often we dream about how our life partner will be? Each one of us has an idea of the nature of the person with whom you would lead a happy life. We all believe, we are the right judge when it comes to choosing your spouse. Yet in the past, people settled for arranged marriages. Ever thought why? Well I thought about it a lot. Here is my theory behind this.

In olden days, when people used to get married at a very young age, they didnt have much idea about what kind of life partner they want. So it was ideal for the elders to find a match for them. Thus came the tradition of arranged marriages. Elders, who have much more knowledge about the society in which we shall live, found the best life partner who could blend with the society. Girls from the same caste knew the traditions that are followed and could carry forward all the customs even at her in laws. A girl from the same caste suited the family in a better way and helped the man of the house in his profession. (Remember the soci…

Maata Pita Guru Daivam

"Maata Pita Guru Daivam"
Meaning mother father teacher are next to god. This was the sloka that Anoop once recited to me after coming from a tutorial class, of which he was a TA. He spoke eloquently of the aptness of the sloka. He was referring particularly about the inclusion of teacher in it along with mother and father.
What makes a teacher so great to be considered next to god? It is his ability to give knowledge in such a manner that the pupil understands. To ensure that the student gets what is being taught, requires a lot of hard work and patience. There are times in the class when the student acts adversely. He may be physically present but mentally absent. Or he may ask the teacher a question out of the blue which is not at all relevant to what is being taught at that moment. In such circumstances is the real test of a teacher. How he reacts to these situations?
On an average most of the teachers behave in an indifferent manner. They tend to neglect the student. These …