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A honeymoon to France

Europe - the Dream Honeymoon Destination Going abroad for a honeymoon is the norm amongst engineers, the next generation middle class who aspire to splurge. Europe, particularly around Switzerland, is the most sought after place in the summers. Roman or Spanish beauties are probably the next best choices during colder seasons as they provide some Mediterranean respite. In our case the honeymoon, Err.. I should say the second one in two months after I tied the holy thread on her and we walked around the holy fire. There was an official trip being planned to send me to customer site in Grenoble, France. The trip was almost going to be at the expense of my first honeymoon, but luck favored me and it got postponed to January 2011, a good time for planning the second honeymoon. I would skip the official part of the trip, lest this post becomes too lengthy. I will post that here later. After 5 days of customer visit (for me) and confined to the hotel room (for my wife), we decided to

Great Ocean Road - Melbourne

There were 4 adults and 2 kids. In India you could have driven in one sedan, but in Australia babies should travel in car seats. We settled for two cars - a new Honda Jazz and an older Hyundai Elantra. Driving on wide freeways through the country side had been my dream. Two cars, right hand drive, like in India and Indian license valid in Australia... I was thrilled... But fate was against me. I had forgotten my Driving License.  So we set out; with boys in one and girls in another. Of course the boys had the new Honda!! Passing Hoppers Crossing, we hit M1 expressway toward Geelong. Pras was keeping an eye on the Elantra behind. It was doing pretty well, zipping past other ones, changing lanes with dexterity at 100kmph....  Someone reading this will be happy :P After few minutes, the landscape had changed and kept changing every few kilometers - vast plains of fields, probably after harvest, small hills of meadows, some patches with huge trees lining the highw