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The Magical Number - 100

Oh yes! You guessed it right. It is about cricket. And in cricket if you talk about century then who else can it be other than our own great Sachin Tendulkar.
Sachin has been in a great touch in this calendar year, yet this is the year in which he has missed out on scoring centuries on so many occasions. A little bit of statistics of this year's performance of our Cricketing GOD:
2 centuries - both against Bangladesh
scores of 91 and 82 against England
56* in first test against Pakistan (cant blame him for not scoring a century there :-) )
Again an 82 today against Pakistan

Lone century (100 not out) against WI at Baroda in January
2 half centuries against WI and SL in India
1 half century against Bermuda in the pathetic ICC World Cup
6 half centuries in England Tour (2 against SA and 4 against ENG) out of which 4 were in 90s
2 scores of 70s against the Aussies
2 scores of 90s against the Pakistanis

And out of the 6 nervous nineties 3 times he went back to the pavilion on 99.

Well the…

Quake Quake

After missing two earthquakes that happened during my past 5yrs in Delhi, at last I experienced one today morning. It was at quarter to five at dawn when Delhi rocked measuring 4.3 on the Richter scale.

I was asleep under the quilt in my hostel room, when I felt the tremors. I thought that it was in my dream and ignored it. After a few seconds, I realized that my cot was shaking and the windows were rattling. As I got to my senses and got up, vibrations had died down. There was commotion outside as people were running out of their rooms onto the lawns and the courtyard. Most of them were excited and few were shocked.

I waited for a minute to check if it was shaking. As nothing happened, I went back to sleep, under the assumption that I was safe under the thick quilt even if the roof falls down. :-)

Today, I heard lots of stories about how people ran to save their lives ignoring others who were around, half naked, in their underwears, out into the biting cold. Well, I dont know whether I …

Yet another Diwali

That ended the celebrations of my Twenty-sixth Diwali. How I celebrated the first 10 of those I dont remember now. But the remaining ones were fun. Probably better than Diwali this year.

When I was in school at Renukoot, Diwalis used to be great. The festivities started almost a week earlier and we had nice time even at school. The climate used to be wonderful with the winter setting in and the early morning chillness and the mild afternoons. Though it would be tougher to go to school in the morning but Diwali time was something we never missed at school. The thrill of the sound of crackers in the corridors was a thing everybody cherished.

Every year there would be strict warnings from our principal against bursting of crackers in the school campus. But invariably every year there would be at least one going off - either in the bathroom or in some empty classroom, either under the stairs or on the rooftop. Our batch was the most infamous of all but we were never implicated. There would …