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Sentosa Island Singapore

Day 2 As we were back home pretty late on Day 1, this day started late too. The plan was to visit Sentosa Island. What all we would do there was not known as we knew we would miss the main highlight at Sentosa, the laser show. Our flight to Melbourne was tonight, so we would not have time to be at Sentosa late in the the evening. From my cousin's place, you could reach Sentosa by bus, monorail or cable car. As we wont get too much time on the island, cable car was the best option. It gives the wonderful panoramic view of the bay, a bird's eye view of the Singapore skyline and the harbour, the whole of Sentosa island and far into the sea where you could see many many large ships dotting the horizon. The cable car starts from Harbour Front Tower II. You have to buy tickets at the entrance of the tower and take the lift to the 16th floor. There are two destinations for the cable car - Mount Faber Peak and Sentosa (Harbour Front is in between the two). The cable car


Prelude Singapore was on our travel list for a long long time, ever since budget airlines made their way to Indian market. So were Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia and all the tourist destinations that you could fly from India at almost the same fares as domestic flights. All of them were part of the itinerary search list as stop over points on our way to Australia. Singapore got selected as it is always best to be in places where you dont have to worry about deciphering the restaurant menu, especially with a small kid. The Landing  It was 1830 hrs local time when we touched down. Coming out of the aero-bridge and entering Changi Airport, it looks like most of the other big international airports. But when you start walking, on your way out and read the sign boards, you realize how big the airport is. You see directions to "Terminal C via Sky Train", "17 min walking to Terminal 3" and numerable attractions on the terminal map. It feels like you can spend a da

My "daughter's" first flight

At the age of 505 days, my daughter VG (we both have same acronyms!) boarded the flight for her first trip to foreign country. Little does she know that she is going to a totally different kind of a place. Nor will she remember any of these experiences when she becomes as old as I am now. She was not even born when we had planned our trip to Australia. That was in the December of 2012. We, me and my beloved, would spend 2 weeks of Christmas and New Year vacation with her P'emma (that what she calls her mom's sister) and celebrate the second birthday of her P'emma's son. Air tickets were done well in advance and we had the tourist visa also ready. Booking was done at beach resort at Lorne, Victoria. And then came the announcement of arrival of VG to this world 9 months thence. That meant no long distance travel before she arrives. So the trip got shifted to November this year. To her good luck, the trip is now for 3 weeks and includes Singapore! It is going to be