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On the roads

At last after about 3 weeks of riding in the campus, yesterday I decided to take a chance on the roads. Depositing my phone bill, which W does every month, was just an excuse. Yesterday afternoon, I was dreaming about my bike ride which provided encouragement for the exercise. After getting equipped with Tapan's Helmet (made an STD call for getting it), I got onto the bike. W started thinking which gate would be easier. But I was determined to get out of IIT through the toughest gate, our hostel GATE. I braked the bike so hard at the gate to hand over the pass, that W was almost over me. The road ahead had started troubling me. Had the same kind of experience with the car too.

On getting into the traffic, I got the red light immediately. This has always been my nightmare on any vehicle. To start off smoothly at a red light. And as usual, I got the clutch-accelerator combination wrong and we were caught right in the middle of the road with horns blaring from behind. But couldnt do a…