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Parents' Visit

My parents visited Delhi for a week from March 5th to 10th. They were here for a holiday. Plans were made to visit Agra and Jaipur. On 5th morning, I went to receive them at the New Delhi station. I took them to Alaknanda where my father's cousin stays. After lunch, we decided to go to Dwarka to visit an old family friend. On 6th, parents went to Agra (though the trip was supposed to be to Jaipur). They visited Agra Fort, Taj Mahal, Fatehpur Sikhri, Mathura and Vrindavan. They came back at 2.00 am at night. I didnt accompany the trip as I was having classes to attend. On 7th they had rest and came to IIT in the evening after a visiting Ayyappa temple at R.K Puram. Their Jaipur trip was again planned on 8th. But owing to bomb blasts in Varanasi, the trip got cancelled. So they spent another day resting and came to IIT in the evening after a shopping spree at SN Market. On both these days, 7th and 8th, we had SPIC MACAY events at IIT. Parents and my relatives enjoyed the programs ver


SPIC MACAY - Society for Promotion of Indian Classical Music And Culture Amongst Youth It is one of the societies that I have appreciated the most in IIT. The best thing about SPIC MACAY is the IIT VIRASAT festival that is organised every year. It is a week long programme where eminent artists of Indian Classical music and dance perform in IIT campus. A festival that gives us an exposure to the pure forms of music and dance (the film music, albums and rock are all modified versions of the classical form). In the year 2004, I was first exposed to SPIC MACAY during the VIRASAT festival. I attended almost all the events, which I thoroughly enjoyed. Last year, I missed all the events primarily because of lack of company. (I hate going alone). That being the background about SPIC MACAY and me, let us now see how it all changed this year. IIT VIRASAT 2006, was held from 27th Feb to 10th March. As usual there were notices of weekly meetings. Each of these contained an appeal for volunteers

Smaller One

Though I had thought of writing a blog on another get together that happened on this bangalore trip, I restrained from posting it, thinking 'what to write in it?'. The smaller ones are the ones that we enjoyed the most. We had a lot of smaller ones during our M Tech in IIT Delhi. Though each ones were on different occasions, yet the members remained more or less the same. Just a few additions and deletions once in a while. We had these smaller ones to celebrate each event, each happiness, each break, each movie. But this smaller one in Bangalore this February was something special. Special in the sense that it was a celebration of something that we had been waiting for, for a long time - may be since our third semester, when we were motivated to our goals of our projects. A visionary gave the initial idea. The first two executioners were not convinced. Then came the messiah who stood by them throughout the mission giving support and taking all the work whenever the execu