Smaller One

Though I had thought of writing a blog on another get together that happened on this bangalore trip, I restrained from posting it, thinking 'what to write in it?'. The smaller ones are the ones that we enjoyed the most. We had a lot of smaller ones during our M Tech in IIT Delhi. Though each ones were on different occasions, yet the members remained more or less the same. Just a few additions and deletions once in a while. We had these smaller ones to celebrate each event, each happiness, each break, each movie.
But this smaller one in Bangalore this February was something special. Special in the sense that it was a celebration of something that we had been waiting for, for a long time - may be since our third semester, when we were motivated to our goals of our projects. A visionary gave the initial idea. The first two executioners were not convinced. Then came the messiah who stood by them throughout the mission giving support and taking all the work whenever the executioners fatigued. Messiah is the saviour.
The M Tech term ended and as the executioners feared, the task was still not complete. One Executioner retired and a warrior joined the army. After continued, but interrupted, efforts by an executioner and a warrior along with the messiah, the first design was sent for fabrication. It was considered a great task by many and many rejoiced on its completion. But the executioner was not so thrilled. I donno why (I asked him but he couldnt give a reply). Then after few months there came the first silicon. Again there were rounds of congratulations but yet again!
But as I said this smaller one was something special! It was the celebration of the success story. The CHIP and the POSTERS were formally presented to the visionary, the Executioner and the Proprietor. It was the first time the executioner felt a sense of happiness in this whole affair. I think he felt the enjoyment that was in the air around him. This was the enjoyment of people close to him and he felt absorbed into it.
As usual to our smaller ones, we had tasty food ordered by our own visionary and this time to help him was his esposo. The presence of the progenitors made this smaller one a special one for the warrior.

P.S. The name Smaller one is provided by the Executioner (Note the capital E) and not the executioner in the comments of another blog.


Rat said…
With the express remaining unchanged and the national integrity being questioned by the social welfare committe, there is a high probability that it may rain today

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