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Eclairs! Eclairs!

A mail circulates through the vls05 group. It invites all members to a silver-jubilee birthday celebration of their beloved Villain. A birthday eagerly awaited by all. Though, everybody knew he was an aquarian, yet there was the spirit to give him the birthday bash. And that too his 25th! This being the 25th year of his life, the celebration had to be year long. Hence, today's party at our very own NESCAFE. A party with a purpose. And a party with a difference. NO Cake NO Candles NO Maggi NO Ice Tea NO Photos NO Bumps even!! Only Eclairs, Eclairs, Eclairs.... Each one got two eclairs for coming down to NESCAFE. Few of them who went escorted the birthday boy from the lab knew that the truth of Eclairs. But where is the fun when everything is known. So they decide to call others who were not in the lab, and told them a white lie. A birthday party. True. And they believed. Ha Ha Ha... Now let us see how many of them come down again next month when there shall be another silver-jubi