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A breakfast treat

Never in my life had I imagined that we would be invited for a breakfast treat!

It was a nice surprise when our newest friend "Pancham" pinged me on WhatsApp late yesterday night with the invitation. We had just met him couple of days back at the common area of our apartments. Yesterday we jelled well on our small outing to Penang Youth Park and Annalakshmi.

As wise men say, when one path is blocked another one shows up. Our tour mates so far in Penang, the Gujjus, had relocated back to India this weekend. And now we have got another "vegee" couple with a cute little baby. I yearn for many memorable trips in future.

Back to the topic - The breakfast treat. Such an extensive menu and that too all home made and fresh. The crispy miniature medu vada - right out of the frying pan. I am sure I would have devoured nearly a dozen with nice coconut chutney.

Next was the super soft idlis - of which I am truly a fan. But this one was made of Idli Sooji which I used to detest…