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Incredible India

Incredible India (or Atulya Bharat) is a slogan of Indian Tourism Department. Well the thought of a blog about it occurred because of this blog.

"The government is promoting this campaign of Incredible India or 'Atulya Bharat'. But, what is incredible about this country. When my friends from Europe or US come to India for a visit, all they find is dusty roads, animals on the streets, poor facilities etc. etc."

This was the point of discussion and I was also one of the listeners of this comment. Some people argue that this is a bull shit statement and India is really incredible because of the diverse cultural heritage and the quality of Indians to keep up with our traditions even though we were subjected to so many foreign invasions. Others may say that boasting of traditions is a farce. Metros of our country is under a huge influence of western culture and even small towns are jumping on the bandwagon. And their justification is that it is personal freedom. Fine. I wou…

Third Anniversary

Yesterday I finished three years in the blogger's space, each year ending in a distinct anniversary. On my last anniversary post, I had promised to give my readers more poems and better travelogues. But the year seemed to give a new turn to my blog. I ventured into short stories and wrote two of them. I had started another one based on my college life which I left in between. The number two seems to have some strong connection with me. I wrote 2 poems on the blog before the last anniversary and this time the number of stories again comes to TWO.. Numerologists may say it is becoz I am born under the number 2 (My birth date is 20).

Last year, the number of trips were plenty but just one of them was a sight seeing tour. Hence just one travelogue. There were a couple of posts on cricket along with the usual reporting from IIT Delhi.

In December, I decided to start documenting some of the ideas regarding my research topic and that led to the tech blog. Though the response to that it pre…