Third Anniversary

Yesterday I finished three years in the blogger's space, each year ending in a distinct anniversary. On my last anniversary post, I had promised to give my readers more poems and better travelogues. But the year seemed to give a new turn to my blog. I ventured into short stories and wrote two of them. I had started another one based on my college life which I left in between. The number two seems to have some strong connection with me. I wrote 2 poems on the blog before the last anniversary and this time the number of stories again comes to TWO.. Numerologists may say it is becoz I am born under the number 2 (My birth date is 20).

Last year, the number of trips were plenty but just one of them was a sight seeing tour. Hence just one travelogue. There were a couple of posts on cricket along with the usual reporting from IIT Delhi.

In December, I decided to start documenting some of the ideas regarding my research topic and that led to the tech blog. Though the response to that it pretty insignificant, I hope all the material will end up in my thesis some day.

Yesterday being the anniversary of blogging, I had decided to schedule my job interview (thinking it would be a lucky day). I had already cleared the technical rounds which were telephonic interviews from the US. Yesterday I went to meet the manager in the Noida office. The interview went pretty well with all sorts of HR questions on 'Why are you joining this company', 'Why do u want to be in Delhi since you are a south Indian', 'How will you manage your Ph.D. part time along with the job' etc. I was smiling to myself wondering the uselessness of these questions. Everybody who goes for an interview prepares these so what is the point in asking. In any case, that being over, I hope I will have the offer letter soon (though the manager didnt give any hint about my selection).


Rat said…
Third anniversary day selected for job interview ? Gone crazy ? Why do you need any special day for any interview for that matter ?!! nee veruthey angu keri chennaa mathi. keri poykolum !

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