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Merry Christmas

A time of the year when most people in the world are enjoying holidays, IIT is also in a holiday mood. The winter vacations have begun and hostels are empty. Placements season is going on and there has been parties all around from those who got placed. Many final years are still working hard to prove themselves to the companies coming on campus for recruitments. We Phds, are not at all bothered by this struggle or by these little celebrations. We live in a life of perennial bliss with moments moving on and on and on. Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas.. May the Lord show you the path that you cherish to take.. And may the Santa shower you with whatever you want at any every moment.. For the research scholars, here is a quote that I coined. ' Phd is a journey in a tunnel. You never find the end till the last bend.'

Launching a Tech Blog

Today I launched a new technical blog. Currently I am thinking of putting stuff related to my research work. Hoping that readers will comment and I shall get some idea for my PhD thesis. :-) For my regular readers (I dont know who) here is the link. बुद्धिमान तार - रहित उपकरण Please read it sometimes.. Kya pata kab aapko bhi research karne ka mood aa jaye... :-P
In this world where everybody is said to be selfish and unkind, yesterday I found a nice man. At midnight, I and my friend were waiting for an auto in a pretty desolate area of Delhi. After a wait of around 10 minutes, a cab went past us and suddenly braked. As we approached the cab, the driver told us to hop in and asked us where we were heading to. As there was not much of a chance of finding any other mode of transport back to our hostel, we got in the cab, thinking the trip would be rather costly. The driver told that he was going to the taxi stand near our hostel, so he offered us the lift. We got a pleasant surprise as he was dropped us at our hostel and said that he was not charging us for the ride. Kabhi kabhi aise bhi log mil jaate hain..