In this world where everybody is said to be selfish and unkind, yesterday I found a nice man. At midnight, I and my friend were waiting for an auto in a pretty desolate area of Delhi. After a wait of around 10 minutes, a cab went past us and suddenly braked. As we approached the cab, the driver told us to hop in and asked us where we were heading to.
As there was not much of a chance of finding any other mode of transport back to our hostel, we got in the cab, thinking the trip would be rather costly. The driver told that he was going to the taxi stand near our hostel, so he offered us the lift.
We got a pleasant surprise as he was dropped us at our hostel and said that he was not charging us for the ride.
Kabhi kabhi aise bhi log mil jaate hain..


Rat said…
Interesting !
This world is full of surprise.
We should always would in the watch-out for one, the very next moment :)
Abhi said…
That was not pragmatic from the driver. An act of idiocy in fact.
as the saying in hindi goes 'Agar ghoda ghaas se dosti karega to khayega kya?'
Having said that I too would certainly not mind meeting such drivers :)
AD said…
Ya its rare .....the world is not so selfish even if most of the cases people fight for life and became selfish...
editor-meta said…
There r times...rare ones...when one comes across such ppl as well. However, its ok once in a while...not always :)
Janardhanan said…
There is an old saying "Annadaanam Mahadaanam" (feeding someone is the best charity). But, the railways have recently come up with a slogan "Do not accept eatables from strangers."

It is not only the case of rarity of finding people who help. Nowadays, a well meant gesture may be mistaken to be something else with everybody assuming that "There is no free lunch".

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