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Art with Maths

Creating abstract art with mathematics. Here are some of the images from the Benoit Mandelbrot Fractal Art Contest 2007. Star Dust (Manu Martin) Immortelles (Sylvie Gallet) Air (Ewa Stryza) La Sylphide ( Anna de Vries-Eickhoff) Edenesque (Helen Grainge) Rose (Keith Mackay) Matsuoka (Daniel Kuzmenka) For more images from the contest visit this link . All images are Copyright © 2007 Damien M. Jones.

A Centurion at last

When I had written a post on how Sachin missed all his centuries in the last year, how can I refrain from writing something today. A day that will be remembered by all the fans all over the world who consider "Cricket is RELIGION, Sachin Tendulkar is GOD. It was a day when Sachin started off very carefully with Ganguly blasting at the other end (Something has seriously happened to our Dada. He is in such a terrific form), and then allowing all the tail-enders an extended session of batting practice, in the meantime getting that ever elusive golden figures of 100. As Cricinfo editor Siddharth Vaidyanathan (he shares his last name with me) describes, I would also put it as one of the greatest knocks of the little Master. An innings of such precision and measure and such flawless execution that even the aussies had left hope of finishing the Indian innings at his end. A banner at the ground summed up everything. "Commit all your crimes when Sachin is batting," it read.

A new year - A new look

As per the tradition of updating the blog once in a year, here I present to you my blog with a new look. A look with a complete rework on the template and the colours. Here is a snapshot of the new template Isn't that colourful! Well the description says so. A few more experimentation with words all around the template. The headings are translated into Spanish (thanks to google translate) and a few keywords to make it more informal. Hey, did anybody say my blog is too serious???? May be. But isn't it true that humour lies in the minds of the reader (That sounds familiar to some other proverb). So with the new look on the blog and lots of colours all around (Does colour mean something else?) the blog from here on changes to a different genre. No more serious babble. I should probably start a new blog for that and not publicise it. No more of fundas. I have started a tech blog for that. Welcome to the world of VIBGYOR Tail: When I started the blogging, my blog title was &q

Happy New Year

After a wonderful year 2007, here we are into yet another year of fun and frolic. The year that went by was a little different from the ones earlier. I had the maximum number of trips, almost one in every month, starting with a trip to Kolkata for the marriage of two of my best friends. One trip to Renukoot during Holi. Three trips to Kerala - one for cousin's marriage, one for teaching in a college in Cochin and one just for a holiday to home. One to Mumbai for a cousin's engagement. A vacation to Jodhpur, Udaipur and Mount Abu in June. Unfortunately, there were no trips to the Himalayas. There were two of them planned but got postponed to 2008. One was a trek in Manali under YHAI and another was Manali-Leh-Ladakh. Hope that it materialises this year. The new year is also full of trips. The first 3 are for marriages. Aur ek bhi mera nahi.. Last January, I wrote my comprehensive exams which meant that I am officially registered for my PhD and my research proposal was accepted