A new year - A new look

As per the tradition of updating the blog once in a year, here I present to you my blog with a new look. A look with a complete rework on the template and the colours.
Here is a snapshot of the new template
Isn't that colourful!
Well the description says so.

A few more experimentation with words all around the template. The headings are translated into Spanish (thanks to google translate) and a few keywords to make it more informal.

Hey, did anybody say my blog is too serious????
May be. But isn't it true that humour lies in the minds of the reader (That sounds familiar to some other proverb).

So with the new look on the blog and lots of colours all around (Does colour mean something else?) the blog from here on changes to a different genre.

No more serious babble. I should probably start a new blog for that and not publicise it.
No more of fundas. I have started a tech blog for that.

Welcome to the world of VIBGYOR

When I started the blogging, my blog title was "A new beginning". But with the third anniversary around the corner, I think it was high time to change.


Rat said…
Wow kool..
A change is always welcome !
Nice way to welcome the new year !
BTW what is the meaning of colores de la vida ?
Mukesh Agarwal said…
new look is great ..!

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