Happy New Year

After a wonderful year 2007, here we are into yet another year of fun and frolic. The year that went by was a little different from the ones earlier.

I had the maximum number of trips, almost one in every month, starting with a trip to Kolkata for the marriage of two of my best friends. One trip to Renukoot during Holi. Three trips to Kerala - one for cousin's marriage, one for teaching in a college in Cochin and one just for a holiday to home. One to Mumbai for a cousin's engagement. A vacation to Jodhpur, Udaipur and Mount Abu in June.
Unfortunately, there were no trips to the Himalayas. There were two of them planned but got postponed to 2008. One was a trek in Manali under YHAI and another was Manali-Leh-Ladakh. Hope that it materialises this year.
The new year is also full of trips. The first 3 are for marriages. Aur ek bhi mera nahi..

Last January, I wrote my comprehensive exams which meant that I am officially registered for my PhD and my research proposal was accepted. Research work progressed a little and is expected to catch up pace.
May the blog next year, same time, show me winding up my research.

My search for a girl friend began in 2007 and is still stuck at the same place. I have friends but ...
Who knows 2008 may show bright future.

Coming to celebrations, this year was not very great. We had dinner at the nearby hotel on the new year eve. From "We" you must have guessed who. They were just my colleagues and juniors. Just before midnight, we set off to India Gate expecting some fun as that is a very happening place in Delhi. But the security was so much beefed up (probably becoz of Benazir Bhutto's death) that we were denied parking in the vicinity. So we just returned to our good old Nescafe and had a cup of coffee and some Maggi (which we have throughout the year).
Post maggi session was devoted for movie. After some checks on my laptop for movies and conflicts in choice, we zeroed in one English flick. 10 minutes into the movie and half the crowd feeling sleepy, we ditched the plan and went off to doze.


Rat said…
A nice round up of the year that went by. Inspires me into writing something similar.. I guess, most of the major happenings are already documented. But a summing up would be good :)
BTW, whn u look out for a girlfriend, try for an intellectual match too - so that you can discuss the radio stuff and other things :-P
(juz kidding okay)

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