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My First Foreign Trip

Back to blogging after a long gap... Are my readers still here? If so then, here is a post for you all. "My First ..." had been a regular on my blog, so I thought of naming this as My First Foreign Trip. A trip about which I knew from the day I decided to join Magma. Well thats again something to write about "My First Job" :-) The rest of my team is in San Jose and a training programme was being planned there. I applied for the visa interview and readied the papers. That is another big story of how we all feared a visa rejection as one of my colleagues was rejected visa to US a week earlier. Fortunately, I was not asked anything other than my salary and invite letter from my company. The Madamme at the counter was glad to accept my passport after that. ;-) In the meantime, my manager here returned from US and suggested that I should go and present our product in a conference (DAC - Design Automation Conference, a renowned one in EDA). With the product still in