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Har ki Doon 2006 - Day 4 to 15 by Anoop

This is a travelogue by Anoop. 'I' refers to Anoop. and VG is me. Lachu refers to Sandeep. Dont get confused! I am using the liberty to put in on my blog without any copyright issues, because I was the one who typed his hand written 10 page document. Day 4 The day began at 5 (:-() with bed tea. After the camp routine we were ready to leave by 7.45. Our guide for the day was Surinder alias Salman. This guy sings so well and plays the flute so well and a true entertainer. Now about the stretch. We were to climb to Juda Talao at 8500 ft. in 4 kms. The climb was reasonably steep. For most of you who know me, I am still having a good lung capacity. We did a climb with lots of break. Every time we take rest Surinder was there with his Garwahli songs. "Lachi Tero Naam" is a popular tune in this place. Btw, on our way we met Parbina's sister Bina. It would be so unfair if I dont describe the route. Nature here was expressing her beauty through the innumerable conifers.

Har ki Doon 2006 - Base Camp

Day 2 The day began at 05.00 with bed tea. Our departure from the camp to Sankri was scheduled at 07.00. Before that we had to get ready, have breakfast and pack our lunch. After a long time, I had got up at 5 o'clock in the morning. But I have always been punctual. Whatever may be the time, if I am required to be ready to go somewhere, to catch a train or bus, I would be ready. The morning was cloudy. Last night it had rained for some time and that gave freshness and dampness to the air. The chartered bus which took HD23 to the base camp Sankri was there on time and after loading all the luggage on top of the bus, we were flagged off. All journey should have the blessings of the Lord. That is my belief. And so was the belief of many others. So as soon as the bus took off, Sharmaji initiated us to chant Om Namah Shivai. I should mention here that our faith in the Almighty was the reason for wonderful climate that awaited us. Now let me introduce you all to our group HD23. Guruji -

Har ki Doon 2006 - Reporting Camp

Har Ki Doon means Shiva's Valley. It is a place in UttarKashi district in Uttaranchal, India. It is a valley formed at the base of Swargarohini range in the Himalayas. Himalayas had always been an attraction to us (myself and Anoop). So when I saw an article about the National Himalayan Trekking Expedition 2006 organised by YHAI (Youth Hostel Association of India), we couldnt resist the temptation to join it. After a survey of their website we decided to go for the Har Ki Doon Trek. Trekking to Swargarohini was a dream for David, one of our class mates, and he was the one who took us on our maiden trips to the Himalayas. We did a small canvassing of the trek in IIT and unfortunately were able to get only one more person to join us. He is Sandeep Laxman, popularly known as Scotty. The date on which to report at the camp at Dehradun was not yet decided. I dont know what we were waiting for! In the end 23rd of May was selected as Scotty had to leave to Bombay as soon