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Train journeys

Train journey brings back lots of old memories. Those summer vacations when we travelled 60 hours from varanasi to palakkad via chennai. Trip that would start with excitement of having frooti or limca, filled with fun playing cards, roaming around the train compartment, jumping from one berth to another, lying down and reading comics to magazines to novels. We would get tired by the end of second day due to terrible heat, again to be filled with joy of reaching our hometown as we cross the walayar border. I was always amazed how the breeze could change so abruptly as we enter kerala. Then there are innumerable trips from trivandrum to trichur or palakkad during college days.  Those were times of getting concession forms from college, rushing to railway reservation counter the day ticket booking opens especially onam and Christmas. And there were occasions when there would be flash strikes or hartals that would give unexpected long weekends. Finishing classes, sometimes bunking them, r…

Happy Birthday

My birthday is on June 24, pronounced as tendy-four. I was super excited from today morning. So much of preparations - dress, matching accessories, decoration, return gifts. The party was at my thatha's home as most of my friends are in their apartments.

I watched mom take out my new dress - pink and blue - bangles, hairband, clips and watch (Nathan thatha got it for me last weekend). Dad was busy wrapping the return gifts. I kept pestering him with questions about what he is doing. "Main aisi hi hoon" :-)

Thatha and paati converted their living room into a party hall with balloons and disco light (wow they were so pretty). In the evening, mom got the cake. BLUE CAKE!!! I couldnt keep my eyes off it. But you know, I am not naughty. I just kept watching it till all my friends came in with their smiles and gifts.

My first gift was a CYCLE. Paati had promised it and got me one few weeks ago. I love going on a ride on it.

Second gift was from Pemmai. Beautiful white flowers…

Hello World

My name is Va'sha Gi'ish. I am VG too and wanted vgblogs to start blogging as I become 2 years old in 2 weeks from now. But my dad has already taken it up. So I chose to get into his blog and start posting there.

Hello uncles and aunties, (I know the ones of my age cant read this.. hi..hi..)
I dont know if I want to become a software engineer like my parents, but as a tribute to them, let me also start with a Hello World one!!

Few things about myself

1. Everybody says I talk a lot. Do you know my dad also used to ask too many questions when he was my size? Poor grand-dads - mine as well as my dad's - had tough time answering him. I am going to take revenge on their behalf

2. I am learning, learning and learning. So far I know names of 7 days of a week, 12 months of a year (Gregorian calendar as well as Malayalam one), 27 nakshatras in a lunar calendar.

3. My parents have tried to teach me counting 1-10 in English, Tamil/Malayalam and Hindi. I try my best but sometimes ski…