Hello World

My name is Va'sha Gi'ish. I am VG too and wanted vgblogs to start blogging as I become 2 years old in 2 weeks from now. But my dad has already taken it up. So I chose to get into his blog and start posting there.

Hello uncles and aunties, (I know the ones of my age cant read this.. hi..hi..)
I dont know if I want to become a software engineer like my parents, but as a tribute to them, let me also start with a Hello World one!!

Few things about myself

1. Everybody says I talk a lot. Do you know my dad also used to ask too many questions when he was my size? Poor grand-dads - mine as well as my dad's - had tough time answering him. I am going to take revenge on their behalf

2. I am learning, learning and learning. So far I know names of 7 days of a week, 12 months of a year (Gregorian calendar as well as Malayalam one), 27 nakshatras in a lunar calendar.

3. My parents have tried to teach me counting 1-10 in English, Tamil/Malayalam and Hindi. I try my best but sometimes skip a few ones here and there :P

4. I got a poppy kuda (umbrella), trolley bag (disney princess pic on it) and a cycle. There are many more things in my collection but these are the highlights. Some day I will show you a picture of myself with all these ready to go to school

5. My favourite pass time is to arrange things in a straight (others say it is curved) line. Animals, cups, rings, crayons, balls, bangles, clips.... give me anything, I will set them in order

You would have already realised that I am talking a lot. So let me stop for now. Keep checking this space for my updates!


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