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My First Flight

Is that an incident to write a blog on?
I donno. But I am still writing it, as I have written events like my first ride on a car, my first bike ride etc. It all started with an offer to go to Bangalore for attending a 3 day training at MAGMA Design Automation. It was from 15th to 17th of Feb 2006. Anoop and myself were going to attend it. As we had classes, we decided to go by air. And we also managed to get a permission for a reimbursement of the ticket. I had thought of catching a flight to Kerala on various occasions. But I never booked one, as there never was any emergency, or say any particular reason. And I didnt want to waste a few bucks just for experiencing a journey in an aeroplane. So my first flight was this one, DN-602 Delhi-Bangalore, leaving Delhi at 20.10. We were there at the airport a little late (though Anoop kept saying that we were on time). Well, being in the airport terminus was like being in a huge shopping mall like WAVE, Noida, and that too on a weekend. It …

Bangalore Get Together

At last, we organised what is called a get together. GET TOGETHER. It means just a meeting of few old friends. And I am sure it happens once in a while in Bangalore, where most of my college mates are. But this particular get together was very much what I had been imagining from the time I had left college (This phrase 'left college' is a bit misleading as I am still enjoying college life). College here means CET, where I completed 4 years of engineering, the place where I lived away from home for the first time.
I had been trying to meet my classmates and fellow Brothersians, whenever I visited south India. In the past 3 years, I had been to Kerala for 5 times. Each time I visit south, the first thing that I do before leaving delhi is to inform in brothers2003 and teledreams2003 groups about my visit. Each time I hope we could pull of a meeting of some friends, to re-live those wonderful moments. Though I knew that getting a lot of people was difficult in a class 60, or say 12…

First anniversary

Today is my first anniversary of Blog Writing. Last year, on this date, I wrote my first blog. It was a proclamation of bringing my life at IIT into a routine. After long night outs and 'call-centre' style daily routine, I had decided that I will bring my life back to normal by working in day hours and sleeping properly at night. (This was after a series of advice and chiding from my classmates) Here is the link to my first blog.

Now comes the special story of the anniversary. I had been eagerly waiting for the anniversary for the past one week. I was planning a blog for the day. And this was what happened today. Contrary to the goals set by me in my first blog, I slept till 3.00 pm (I had gone to bed at 1.00 am yesterday night). I slept so badly that I missed my classes today (Even the class at noon), missed my breakfast and lunch, and was late for today's meeting with the faculty.

What a contrast! This shows not m…