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Angels and Demons

It was 2.00AM. I had returned from the lab after having a hot Maggi and Soup from our institute Nescafe. The Dan Brown novel 'Angels and Demons' was lying on my table. I had already read about 50 pages of it on my PC. So I though of picking it up and read for a while. Sleeping at 2.00AM was not my habit for the past few years. The usual schedule, which I always try to correct, is to have night outs. But today, I was not in a mood to put yet another nightout. There had been series of nightouts in the past 3 days. A night of orkutting, a night of cdsdoc (some technical documentation) and a night of report writing.
As I started reading the novel, I realised that it had been a long time since I read a novel. The mood set in. As pages went by, the speed of the novel made it hard to put down. Clock ticked by and by the time i completed page no 249 i saw a faint light of the dawn sneaking through my window. Then I decided to be awake till breakfast, and the reading continued. I had re…