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Uttar Pradesh November 2011

A trip to one's childhood. Everyone cherishes that. So this trip was the most eagerly waited one for me right from the time I decided to get married. I would take my wife down the memory lanes of my childhood and show her where I lived, played, studied, went around spending my free time. It is a trip to Renukoot, Sonebhadra, Uttar Pradesh

A chance came up when my dearest friend Amritanshu decided on his marriage dates. He hails from a place called Chunar which is in the Mirzapur district, next to Sonebhadra. The itinerary was charted out for November 18th to 22nd 2011.

After much deliberations and yeses and nos, it was decided that my parents would come to Varanasi directly from Kerala and we (me and Sreelatha) will go from Delhi. Leave from work is generally a problem in Indian IT companies but prayers from all well wishers made that an easy affair.

All set. Bags packed (at the last moment) and off we leave by Shiv Ganga Express from New Delhi station on a Friday evening. Mid-no…

Transcript of all party meeting on Jan Lokpal bill

Chair person: "प्यारे साथियों, welcome to the all party meeting on lokpal bill. सब आ गए की नहीं?  भूसा भाई नहीं दिख रहे? कोई बात नहीं उनकी राय हम जानते हैं|"
Chair person: "आप सबको मालूम होगा की Shri Anna Hazare जी अनशन पर बैठे हुए हैं और कह रहे हैं की जब तक हम उनका बनाया हुआ लोकपाल बिल संसद में नहीं पारित नहीं करते वो नहीं मानेंगे| हम उनका  बिल नहीं लाना चाहते यह थो आप सबको अच्छी तरह समझ आ गया होगा. अब आप सबकी राय  जाननी है| "
Govt asks all parties, "Do you think we should allow people on the streets to dictate us what laws we should make"
Unanimous answer "NO. We are elected represenatives and we are supreme"

Govt: "But a man is fasting and is creating lot of public support. And media is harping ANNA is INDIA"

A safron party leader: "Of course this is all because you dint handle them correctly. You called them up, listened to them and then thrashed their ideas. And you bring up a lokpal bill which is farcical (is that the right wo…