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06 Jun - 6.05AM local time - Singapore

Now I have landed in Changi aiport, Singapore.

Flight was on time from Bangalore. Flying by Singapore airlines for the first time. Liked the interiors of the B777-200 flight. I had the window seat. Bangalore looked great from the night sky during takeoff. I could guess where my sweetheart was cuddling with her teddy bear.

In-flight entertainment dint impress me much. Lot of movies were there but I thought of catching a nap to sync up with the biological clock. Food and beverages were served. I dint trouble my sleep too much and opted for just an orange juice.

Arrived at Terminal 2. Three hours transit at Singapore airport. Next flight at 9.20AM local time. My watch shows 3.50AM IST right now. I took the SkyTrain to Terminal 3 for my connecting flight.

Terminal 3 reasonably empty as people are just moving in for their morning flights and daily shift.

Checked the internet at the free internet kiosk. No free wireless access here :-(

7.30AM local time. Sitting at the boarding gate now. …

05 Jun - 10PM IST - Bangalore

Leaving Bangalore international airport to Singapore by 11.05PM flight. I was planning to reach airport by 8PM considering the rush that I saw last time at the immigration desk at Delhi airport. But I managed to catch only the 7PM airport bus service which would get me to the airport 45 min later. It was sort of ok. I still had 2 hrs time prior to departure. In fact, it was good. I spent another half an hr with my fiancee at the BIAS bus stop at HAL.

Reached the airport and found the singapore airlines counter pretty much empty. Since I had checked in through the internet earlier, no hazzles here. I checked in my baggage to San Francisco, collected my boarding passes for Bangalore-Singapore and Singapore-San Francisco flights and proceeded to the immigration desk. That was the first suprise. There were just 18 counters (compared to some over 30 in Delhi) out of which 3 were operating. And in each there were just 5-6 people in queue. I still remember the 1 hr queue at the Delhi airport…