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New year and new challenges

Wishing you all a very HAPPY NEW YEAR - 2015.

2014 was "guna-dosha-mishritham" (as they say in Malayalam) a mixed bag of happiness, fun, learning, lots of office work (almost double duty handling two products), lots of time spent in traffic (courtesy customer visit), exciting challenges in getting customer successfully adopt the product that I was supporting, and finally ending with one the products getting shelved, people given pink slips, people from my team moving out to a different business group, people leaving the company on their own and getting to know that a stint in the US is still elusive for another year.

Nevertheless, it brought a significant change in my professional life. I now have 3 engineers reporting to me, thus giving me a notional (alas! no financial) promotion. 2015 will bring in the challenges of managing people and learning with them about new products. This year will also enable me to get up to speed on more tools and showcase my strengths of suppor…