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Jaipur 3

April 6, 2012
The third one in the series was the hottest even though it was the beginning of the summer.

It was a summer vacation for two of my cousins who had completed her board exams in March. They planned a Delhi-Agra-Jaipur trip covering 15 days. My wife's cousin (Shruthi) had also finished her exams and wanted to visit us in Delhi. She got along with my uncle and family on what she calls an "Incredulous Journey" to the capital city. You can read the whole of that in her own blog, which she hasnt started yet :)

I had planned for the Jaipur trip during the "Good Friday" long weekend so that I can accompany them. There was lot of confusion on who all would join. My wife and mom wanted to visit Jaipur as they hadn't been there before. Dad has been there umpteen number of times, so he was most reluctant for the hot ordeal. My local guardians too had been to Jaipur many times, but they were cajoled to join the party.

So finally we had a gang of 12. We had…


"A trip to Jaipur in the hot and dry North Indian summer", that is the tag line of all the Jaipur trips that I have been to. The first one was in mid May of 2004, a part of an outing during my MTech, the second one in first week of July of 2006 for a friend's wedding and the third one in the first week of April 2012. All of them were equally interesting, so let me cover all of them here.

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May 15, 2004

13 people from our MTech batch went on a training to CEERI, Pilani, Rajasthan. My first Jaipur trip was planned on the first weekend of the training. Jaipur was around 5hrs drive from Pilani. It was not really a straightforward trip. Our training coordinator, Mr Runthala, was very concerned about leaving us, with 5 girls, all alone on a trip. So he agreed to spare his Saturday and come along with us. But the next problem was that he dint want to take us to Jaipur. He wanted to take us to a temple, Salasar Balaji temple which was…