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Sydney City

Pyrmont Bridge in motion Land of Four Seasons - I am not sure if Australia is really called this. After previous day's high temperatures, today the prediction was a pleasant day - ideal for a visit to the city. Today we had my cousin's family too. As with any Palakkad TamBrahm outing, similar to the previous day , it was a day with packed lunch. That too an elaborate one. We must be carrying 2-3 bags full of eatables. :-P Parking spaces in all major cities cost you a fortune and Sydney is no different. Being a Sunday, it is cheaper today. Just AUD 30 for whole day!! But we being Indians find alternatives. Why not park in office parking lot for FREE!! Pyrmont bridge at Darling Harbor was our first spot for the day. You could talk a  tour of the Australian National Maritime Museum and get into one of the warships docked there. We gave it a miss and settled for an early lunch. You see food is the most important part of our outing.. The weather was awesome with cool br