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Help and Save lives

I am writing this poster so that we can help the poor people and beggars to be healthy and save them from not getting corona virus.

-- Real Little VG

Part-time: Work-Studies-Home

The past experience of juggling work and studies from research days at IIT Delhi keeps reminding me of the struggle. Working on the weekdays and visiting the laboratory on weekends for research. By the time I get to second gear and do something meaningful, I realize that it is already Sunday evening and I have to get back home and reset my mind for the office tasks. It feels like we dont have enough time for either and end up sacrificing one for the other.

The thoughts of studying in college were shelved in 2011, yet they resurface once in a while during me and my wife's late night chitchat. One such idea was to do an MBA. The inspiration for an MBA came from a visit to a relative, Vice President of Sales. A chauffeur driven Mercedes Benz, full time maid at home, posh apartment in South Bombay and high-flying executive travelling all over the world. Getting to similar position starting as an engineer is a distant dream. We thought an MBA would give me the required skillsets to ju…

What do you do to entertain yourself?

I am a kid and I am staying in my house due to corona virus. I am a bit bored of staying at home so I am writing this blog so you won't be bored. 

"What do you do to entertain yourself?"
You can ask your friend to come and play with you.With your friend you can play games such as snake and ladder, ludo, zenga blocks etc.
You can do craft, you can draw and paint pictures, watch TV and do many other things. It is fun to do these things. If you get bored of doing the same thing again and again you can invent your own games.

These are the things I did today: at the morning I did some worksheets which are sent from school. Then I called my friend to play with me. We played a new game called "Complete the picture by closing your eyes". 

Bye Bye. See you next time when I write another blog. Till then, Stay Safe, STAY HOME.

-- Real Little VG