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Nandi Hills

7.00 PM - Casual talk. What plans for tomorrow? Hmm... Let us go to Nandi Hills.. Seriously? If you are interested we can go..

10.00 PM - Good night..

10.01 PM - Let us go to Nandi Hills tomorrow. For sunrise!! So early? That is what people go there for..

03.15 AM - Alarm goes off. Getting up early is never a problem for us, you know.. when it is for a tour.. :P

05.00 AM - Jet Set Go.

The route from Horamavu to Nandi Hills is relatively easy. Take the Outer Ring Road to Hebbal. From under the Hebbal flyover take a right onto the airport road (NH 7 to Hyderabad). After you pass the diversion for the airport, you reach the toll gate. Take a two way pass (Rs 115). Continue on the highway towards Hyderabad. Few kms after you cross Devanahalli junction, you will see a diversion to the left, clearly (if you know where to look for sign boards in Indian roads) marked "Nandi Hills".
This is a narrow road but very well maintained. Almost all the early morning traffic is towards Nandi…