Happy Birthday

My birthday is on June 24, pronounced as tendy-four. I was super excited from today morning. So much of preparations - dress, matching accessories, decoration, return gifts. The party was at my thatha's home as most of my friends are in their apartments.

I watched mom take out my new dress - pink and blue - bangles, hairband, clips and watch (Nathan thatha got it for me last weekend). Dad was busy wrapping the return gifts. I kept pestering him with questions about what he is doing. "Main aisi hi hoon" :-)

Thatha and paati converted their living room into a party hall with balloons and disco light (wow they were so pretty). In the evening, mom got the cake. BLUE CAKE!!! I couldnt keep my eyes off it. But you know, I am not naughty. I just kept watching it till all my friends came in with their smiles and gifts.

My first gift was a CYCLE. Paati had promised it and got me one few weeks ago. I love going on a ride on it.

Second gift was from Pemmai. Beautiful white flowers and lots of balloons. I am afraid of balloons but I liked the flowers a lot. Thank you pemmai. Thatha will send you the pics where I posed with the bouquet.

After waiting patiently till 7PM (scheduled time), I tried to get a feel of the cake. Oh no.. I got some cake on my hands.. Ammaaa.. Clean it up.. OK. Now everyone knew I cant wait longer. So singing time. All of them got around the cake, lit the candles and sang Happy Birthday for me. I also like singing that.. I sang along..


P.S. I am so happy that all of them came and made it a memorable birthday for me.

P.P.S Those who dint come for my first birthday would not know how grumpy I was then. 


mayankv said…
Very nice read Girish.. Wish Varsha a Belated Happy B'day from Mayank Uncle, Swati Anti and Shaurya Anna :)
Rat said…
full confusion aayallo
Happy happy b'day Varsha...

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