Art with Maths

Creating abstract art with mathematics. Here are some of the images from the Benoit Mandelbrot Fractal Art Contest 2007.

Star Dust (Manu Martin)

Immortelles (Sylvie Gallet)

Air (Ewa Stryza)

La Sylphide (Anna de Vries-Eickhoff)

Edenesque (Helen Grainge)

Rose (Keith Mackay)

Matsuoka (Daniel Kuzmenka)

For more images from the contest visit this link.

All images are Copyright © 2007 Damien M. Jones.


Rat said…
lotta changes !
template is new ?!
and the language sounds new - French?
VG said…
Ya the template is new.. But you wont find the colors as such there. I played around with the colors and added the images..

Pinne language French alla...Ninakku manasilayittalla paranjathu ennenikkariyaam... :P

It is spanish.. Artham pidi kittanamengil Google Translate upayogicho..
Abhi said…
nice template and totally cool pics
Rat said…
google use cheyyunnathu njaan nirthi. ippo njaan ennodu thanne choyikkum. thats all!

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