A Centurion at last

When I had written a post on how Sachin missed all his centuries in the last year, how can I refrain from writing something today. A day that will be remembered by all the fans all over the world who consider "Cricket is RELIGION, Sachin Tendulkar is GOD.

It was a day when Sachin started off very carefully with Ganguly blasting at the other end (Something has seriously happened to our Dada. He is in such a terrific form), and then allowing all the tail-enders an extended session of batting practice, in the meantime getting that ever elusive golden figures of 100.

As Cricinfo editor Siddharth Vaidyanathan (he shares his last name with me) describes, I would also put it as one of the greatest knocks of the little Master. An innings of such precision and measure and such flawless execution that even the aussies had left hope of finishing the Indian innings at his end.

A banner at the ground summed up everything. "Commit all your crimes when Sachin is batting," it read. "They will go unnoticed because even the Lord is watching."

Amidst this spectacular panorama of batting (snapshots of which would make a nice picture manual for the coaching academies), the crowd erupted with a standing ovation when the GOD raised his arms to thank the GOD to the change of fortunes in the new year. Sachin scored his 38th test century, his third consecutive at the SCG, his fifth in Australia, after missing out on five occassions (when he crossed half-century mark) in 2007. His average at SCG is 326, eigth highest averages at any ground by any player.

In fact, SCG has been so good for the Indian batsmen (though they have won just once here) that I suspect Aussie bowlers would refuse to be part of the squad if it is a Test match against India at SCG.

In between all this, I lost a bet with Anoop. When I was leaving the lab after a night out, I told Anoop that Sachin wont make a century as I was going to watch the match on TV. Anoop argued on the contrary as he wasnt viewing the match. In the end, it was a happy bet to lose.


Doctor Bruno said…
He was out in 90s 7 times last year and out in 99 three times last year
VG said…
In Tests, he was out in the 90s only once (against England). The rest were in ODIs.
Check this for more statistics
Rat said…
nice one-liner it was (rather two-liner) - about committing crimes when Sachin is batting :-D
Abhi said…
blind sachin bhakts.. The pitch held good, all tailenders scored. Sachin shamelessly let Ishanst play.. wen he cd hv been out any ball. something called being not out comes to mind.
All he needed to do was just stand. Atleast that should be easy to manage for GOD

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