The Magical Number - 100

Oh yes! You guessed it right. It is about cricket. And in cricket if you talk about century then who else can it be other than our own great Sachin Tendulkar.
Sachin has been in a great touch in this calendar year, yet this is the year in which he has missed out on scoring centuries on so many occasions. A little bit of statistics of this year's performance of our Cricketing GOD:
2 centuries - both against Bangladesh
scores of 91 and 82 against England
56* in first test against Pakistan (cant blame him for not scoring a century there :-) )
Again an 82 today against Pakistan

Lone century (100 not out) against WI at Baroda in January
2 half centuries against WI and SL in India
1 half century against Bermuda in the pathetic ICC World Cup
6 half centuries in England Tour (2 against SA and 4 against ENG) out of which 4 were in 90s
2 scores of 70s against the Aussies
2 scores of 90s against the Pakistanis

And out of the 6 nervous nineties 3 times he went back to the pavilion on 99.

Well the question asked by many is 'Does the lack of centuries reduce his greatness?' Certainly NO. But it doesn't add to his great statistics of 42 and 37 centuries in ODIs and Tests respectively.

Some say that 'quick and elegant' nineties is better than 'gritty and struggling' centuries. May be right. But the days of struggling centuries is something of the past for Sachin. I don't remember seeing any of his last 20 centuries as 'struggling'.

In the end, what matters is the entertainment. For few it is the class and domination during the innings, for others it is the magical number - 100.

Let us hope Sachin keeps both the faction happy. :-)


Rat said…
Cricket has stopped entertaining me. I watch this only if I'm forced to (read, if the remote is in my roomies' hands). And these cricketing statistics are funny all the time, I see them. "This is the first time a team batting second, in floodlight on Aug23 of the year had its opening batsman retiring at score of 39 and then coming back when floodlight is turned on, to score 99 and then getting run out by the opposition time, with both the running batsmen exactly 3.79 feet apart at the middle of the pitch" EEks !
NOt to discourage the write-up, but just expressing my change of interest, wrt cricket :-P

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