Someone, somewhere waiting for me

Alone when I recline in my room,
And see a rose in my garden bloom,
I solace myself that there must be,
Someone, somewhere waiting for me.

Through the window I see the full moon,
Waiting for slumber to take me soon.
For in my dreams, I would surely see,
Someone, somewhere waiting for me.

As I wake up with the sun outside,
I wish she was there beside.
Blushing gingerly, i do agree,
Someone, somewhere is waiting for me.

I am sure this happens to her,
But I would say to my dear.
Our time is just to be,
As I am here looking for thee.


Ankur Gupta said…
Good one man!!! you are improving :-)
Hope to see many more in future....but i wonder who made you a poet...Is it really Phd. or something else :-)
Mukesh Agarwal said…
Man this is great ..u have it in u [:)]
Unknown said…
Super sir..Ethulaiyum PhD pannunga.. :-)
jump said…
The poem is quite an improvement.. still couldn't digest the poetic license taken in the line 'I solace myself....'
Rat said…
orey njeri !
kaun hai woh ladki ?!
Unknown said…
My infinite monkeys theory finds application here

The theory is "Given a keyboard, infinite monkeys can type randomly and someday there will be a story"

Since there are not infinite VGs (only one), you will theoretically take infinite time in finding the someone waiting for you :-)
vsquare said…
mujhe bhi yehi lagta hai...who??? made a poet out of u?? :D?

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