Happy New Year

Yet another new year! I know you would be saying, "Is this the time to talk about new year, a good 15 days into it. Where were you all these days". Well, I was busy deciding on my new year resolution and then busy getting it done.

Very unusual of me, this year I had a new year resolution. "Decide on my future of PhD." There were a few critical decisions to be made. First and foremost was whether to continue with my PhD or to quit it. There were lot of reasons for that but writing about them will be long enough for another blog post. So let me defer it to some other time. When the new year started with a review of my research draft by JD, one of my guides, I was sure that this new year shall surely be eventful. With lots of concern about my research plan, he criticized the presentation, somewhat constructively. Constructive in the sense that it helped me clear my mind of entangled thoughts and showed me a glimpse of my future.

After a lot of tussle with my inner self, I mustered the courage to spell out
Let the cold war between us freeze.
Grant me independence,
And let my respect for thee remain.

As if a charm has been cast upon him, he granted me my wish. Though the final verdict has not yet been announced, I could hear the cheers of the jubilation deep within me. I could see a light at the far end of the tunnel. Let me pray that it is indeed the bright sun outside which is welcoming me to a wonderful landscape with peaks to scale with a trail as a guide.

That being the first task to accomplish in this new year, the next task was to finish my research draft document. I did that pretty quickly (2 night-outs) with Anoop's draft as a template. An arduous task was waiting me ahead as I finished my draft. I had to give the comprehensive exam (a set of three subjects) within 2 days. Exams were never a nightmare for me. But this being the last exam of my life, I was having butterflies in my stomach. Today afternoon those three balls were delivered. And with classic cover drive, I dispatched each of them to the fence. (I hope so. I haven't yet got the results :-) )

Now the decisive ritual is to be conducted before I get admitted as a research scholar. "The DEFENSE of the research plan". The muhurat (time) for the karma was calculated as 10.30AM on 16th, Jan 2007. The altar for the yagna (presentation) and the havan samagri (ppt) have been prepared.

May the divine (members of the SRC) shower on me the flowers of acceptance.


Blog Maniac said…
Congrats on your final descision...and on almost completing ur phd
myidentity said…
Man Dnt Leave the Phd. Otherwise JD will commit Sucide....He is waiting for more Papers & Patent under his belt and ur his big hope....:-)

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