Gali Parathe Wali

After the research plan submission I and Anoop went to the famous 'Gali Parathe wali' in Chandini Chowk. Though the name would suggest that the place would be full of shops selling Parathas, the street is crowded with a lot of other shops. There are hardly 4 or 5 shops selling hot and fresh Parathas. We got into one such shop. The first impression that I got about the place was that of a shabby little dhabha that you come across while travelling on the highways. But the crowd there made me rethink. The place was buzzing with people, all cramped in the little space, with the waiters yelling to the cook as they took orders.

Crawling through the narrow gaps between tables, we managed to get a table in a corner. With the aroma of pure ghee in the air and the hunger in our stomachs, we started our orders with some exotic parathas that they serve. Kaju Paratha, Gajar Paratha, Matar Paratha, Khurchan Paratha, Papad Paratha. And a lot more. One after the other, we tasted almost all kinds of Parathas. "Quick service and Delicious Parathas" is the trademark of the place.

It was at the bill counter that we realised the amount that we had spent. A total of 11 parathas and a bill of Rs 220. But the bill was worth the satisfaction. Now with yet another eatery at our disposal, we have to wait and see how many people end up treating us there.


Aju said…
Good Poem
We are eagerly waiting to hear more about her.

Porotha Kalakki

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