Second Anniversary

Today is the second anniversary of blogging. Here is the annual report of my blog. The number of posts on my blog site doubled in comparison with 2005. I had written about a few get-togethers, my first flight trip and a couple of incidents at IIT Delhi. During May, I finished my trilogy on evolution of marriages and went on to write the most controversial post in my archive about Love marriages. The post invited a lot of heated discussions and flame messages on my inbox and chat windows.

When there was nothing much to write, I started a series called "Vaidya and his friends", the title being inspired from Malgudi days by RK Lakshman. I managed to write 3 episodes, but soon lost interest in it (though i had a few more episodes in my mind).

As usual, the year was filled with trips to various places and a couple of travelogues found space in my blog archive. In my Kedarnath travelogue, I tried imbedding photos in my post.

The past year saw a new dimension added to my blog posts. My posts became a little poetic as two poems joined my blog archive. The first attempt was a rhyme and the second one had a romantic touch.

Though I wont make promises to my readers, yet I would like to keep up to their expectations by giving more beautiful poems, better and colourful travelogues, quicker reporting of events at IIT Delhi and much more. I would also like to complete the series that I had started last year.

May the Lord provide me enough time to fulfill those wishes. Amen.


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