On the roads

At last after about 3 weeks of riding in the campus, yesterday I decided to take a chance on the roads. Depositing my phone bill, which W does every month, was just an excuse. Yesterday afternoon, I was dreaming about my bike ride which provided encouragement for the exercise. After getting equipped with Tapan's Helmet (made an STD call for getting it), I got onto the bike. W started thinking which gate would be easier. But I was determined to get out of IIT through the toughest gate, our hostel GATE. I braked the bike so hard at the gate to hand over the pass, that W was almost over me. The road ahead had started troubling me. Had the same kind of experience with the car too.

On getting into the traffic, I got the red light immediately. This has always been my nightmare on any vehicle. To start off smoothly at a red light. And as usual, I got the clutch-accelerator combination wrong and we were caught right in the middle of the road with horns blaring from behind. But couldnt do anything. The button start will not work and kicking with a nervous mind wont start the bike either. W told me to keep cool and I waited for the light to change to red again. This time all went fine and I was zooming through the road. Not quite!! It felt to me as if I was going at 70kmph. Actually the speedometer showed just above 50.

On the way back, had a close shave as I tried taking the bike in between two 4 wheelers. But the overall experience was morale boosting. And I am sure my cousin will have tough time when I will be in Palakkad. I am surely going to take possession of his Victor.

Rest of the story when I return from Kerala...


Anonymous said…
its good yaar....that u have started riding on Delhi roads.....lage raho pyaare....
Anonymous said…
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