My "daughter's" first flight

At the age of 505 days, my daughter VG (we both have same acronyms!) boarded the flight for her first trip to foreign country. Little does she know that she is going to a totally different kind of a place. Nor will she remember any of these experiences when she becomes as old as I am now.

She was not even born when we had planned our trip to Australia. That was in the December of 2012. We, me and my beloved, would spend 2 weeks of Christmas and New Year vacation with her P'emma (that what she calls her mom's sister) and celebrate the second birthday of her P'emma's son. Air tickets were done well in advance and we had the tourist visa also ready. Booking was done at beach resort at Lorne, Victoria.

And then came the announcement of arrival of VG to this world 9 months thence. That meant no long distance travel before she arrives. So the trip got shifted to November this year. To her good luck, the trip is now for 3 weeks and includes Singapore!

It is going to be lot of flying - Bangalore-Chennai-Singapore-Melbourne-Sydney and same route traced back. We hope the breaks and stop overs will help her manage the jet lag.

Thank God, it was exactly as we hoped. VG was a gem of a kid without any fuss, sleeping on most of the flights except the first one where she got some "anna" friends. I guess she was excited too to see a flight!

Chennai to Singapore was an empty flight. Jet Airways staff was nice to offer us the empty seats at the back and VG had nice 3 hr sleep out of the 4 hour flight.

Changi airport, Singapore, is one of the best airports in the world. I had been here once in transit on the way to San Francisco. The airport is so huge that people talk about "minutes" to reach from one terminal/gate to another. And here was the first "Ding", that is what VG calls travelator and escalator. Ding was the highlight of all the things she enjoyed. So much so that if we say Singapore or Melbourne, she would say Ding. :-)

Singapore to Melbourne was her first experience with Bassinets. My Lord! such a small one. Or is she too big? The cabin crew chief of Emirates was a decent guy. He suggested that it is not good to put her in the bassinet for 6 hrs and managed to find her a seat. Poor guy he had to talk to few grumpy ladies to exchange their seats with us. But I should say he was the best guy in that whole crew. All others were themselves grumpy.

10 flights, a total of 25 hrs up in the air, she has traveled as much as I did before my first international flight. She has taken us to new places and gave us the encouragement to travel more by being extremely cooperative.

Let us see where the next one shall be!


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