Sentosa Island Singapore

Day 2

As we were back home pretty late on Day 1, this day started late too. The plan was to visit Sentosa Island. What all we would do there was not known as we knew we would miss the main highlight at Sentosa, the laser show. Our flight to Melbourne was tonight, so we would not have time to be at Sentosa late in the the evening.

From my cousin's place, you could reach Sentosa by bus, monorail or cable car. As we wont get too much time on the island, cable car was the best option. It gives the wonderful panoramic view of the bay, a bird's eye view of the Singapore skyline and the harbour, the whole of Sentosa island and far into the sea where you could see many many large ships dotting the horizon.

The cable car starts from Harbour Front Tower II. You have to buy tickets at the entrance of the tower and take the lift to the 16th floor. There are two destinations for the cable car - Mount Faber Peak and Sentosa (Harbour Front is in between the two). The cable car operator suggested that we go to Sentosa first so that we dont spend too much time at Mount Faber (which actually does not have anything worth mentioning).

Cable car ride is around 10 min. It drops you down at Imbiah Lookout. The sight of a "Subway" joint and almost noon on our watches was an appetizer. Travelling with a kid also means you need to take eating breaks more often and much longer. But that is the fun too. The kind of mind games you play with kids to engage and entertain them so that they finish off their meal/snack.

The center of attraction here is Resorts World Sentosa. They have adventure park, water theme park, casino, Universal Studios, 4D theatre shows, a convention center and many more. The simplest one to go with a little kid was the Sea World Aquarium. And Varsha loves to see fishes. If you already know the attractions that you want to visit, it is better to buy package tickets along with the cable car ride.

I havent been to any big aquarium before. So this was pretty interesting to me too. There were numerous kinds of species that were categorized into different ecosystems. Each ecosystem was a replica of the flora and fauna from a particular geography. If you dont want to do scuba diving (which I anyways dont like), but you want to see various underwater places around the world, I would say the Sea World gave a nice snapshot.

You would be fascinated by variety and colorfulness of the fishes. Some were ugly too!! Even after 3 hours of fish gazing (is there a better word for this experience), Varsha was so upset to come out. Picture talks more than what I can describe.

Dont call me! I am not coming with you
We took the round trip bus, that is free mode of transport on the island, to Imbiah Layout. Note that you might have to sometimes wait for 15-20 minutes.

We did visit Mount Faber on the way back. You dont need to get down from the cable car at Harbour Front. Just tell the operator that you are going further. Except the views that you would see from the cable car, there is nothing much to do up there. May be just enjoy a cup of coffee (or beer) by the ledge and watch the string of cable cars moving along.

It was time to say bye-bye Singapore. Our final destination, Melbourne, was beckoning us. This was just a stop over. One thing was sure for us. We would come again, probably when Varsha is old enough to go on all those adventure rides at Sentosa.


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