First Night

12th Aug 2003: Today was the day for which I had waited for long. At last I got married. As my friends left me in the bed room along with her, nervousness crept in. I had never imagined about this night. I had no plans. I didnt know what to do. I mustered up my strength for the ordeal and went near her. She was in a bright mood. Her eyes were sparkling. She had the charm of an angel. I sat down beside her. I held her hand in mine. The touch was heavenly. As I tapped on her hand with my fingers, she chuckled. We kept on looking at each other hand in hand. Time went by. Through the windows I could see a faint light of dawn. That was when I realised, I had put my FIRST NIGHT OUT.

Got Married - Got the lab keys
Bedroom - VDTT Lab
Her/She - Computer
Her eyes - Monitor
Her hand - Keyboard
Chuckled - Sound of typing on the keyboard

My first night out was spent in VDTT lab during the first semester of MTech. I was alone in the lab and finished 2 of my Data Structures assignment, though the submission date was far. What a hard working person I was! Today 13th July 2006. Time 6:00AM. I am writing this blog after yet another night out. Well, now i dont have any assignments to complete. I put night outs just for fun. Ya shayad Neend Nahi Aati.


Rat said…
Haha.. That title took be aback for awhile ;-)
And nice to see that you are still the hardworking self!
Gaurav Raja said…
hey VG....i thought, u have started writing the blog, about ur future life.... ha haa......but really, it is written in a very good and different manner.....i appreciate it most....
Anonymous said…
Now u are great writter too VG the the great Vg, what about writing a book "10 point someone" by u

Sandeep Dwivedi

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